Dirt Kicker: Andrew Combs

With a voice that is a cross between Don McLean and Ray LaMontagne, Andrew Combs effervescent sound is impossible to resist. His new album called, Canyons On My Mind (New West) is a charmer, to say the least. But behind all that charm is a lot of gold as we learn how serious this young songwriter from Texas reveals himself to be. The first track is an edgy rock song called “Heart of Wonder” with its Andy MacKay (Roxy Music) sax solo, but it’s a bit of a rouse. Andrew Combs is a country artist, after all, so I don't think he’s going to fool anyone with his fondness for Glam-rock. So, he mixes it up on this record with a fresh variety of 11 songs that are retro without the nostalgia. For insta

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